Accessibility Matters

In order to build an inclusive community for web developers we work hard to make our event as accessible as possible. Below you'll find information on our efforts this year. If there's something you think we're missing, please don't hesitate to contact us. CascadiaJS is for everyone!

The Virtual Event

The Virtual Event Talk Track will be hosted on this website and the webpage will feature the following elements:

  • Live stream video/audio with closed captions
  • Reactions/clapping with both visuals and audio

Due to issues in the past couple of years synchronizing the livestream video with the human-powered captions, we are pivoting to automated AI-powered captions, powered by Mux. The CC controls are located directly in the video player, and we hope this is a better experience for everyone.

We will be using two platforms to host our Virtual Hallway Track:

The In-Person Event at Sunriver Resort

All of the talks, remarks and banter that take place on stage will be live captioned by White Coat Captioning. This captioning will be displayed on a dedicated monitor at the venue.

Economic Accommodations

If financial circumstances make it difficult to attend CascadiaJS 2021 then please check out our Opportunity Scholarship Program.

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