Opportunity Scholarships

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CascadiaJS exists to educate and grow the JavaScript community in the Pacific Northwest. We're constantly seeking new ways to make our community broader and more inclusive, so we're excited to work with our community to fund this year's Opportunity Scholarship Program.


The Opportunity Scholarship Program is open to anyone who:

1. Lives in the Pacific Northwest

2. Is able to attend both days of the conference (Aug 31 and Sep 1)

3. Meets -one- of the following:

    a. Is a member of an under-represented minority (URM) in tech

    b. Has financial constraints that make purchasing a ticket a blocker

How it works

Apply for a Scholarship by July 8

You will be offered a Scholarship Ticket at a discounted rate

If you cannot afford this ticket, you can request Financial Aid

Please help us spread the word!

Take a moment to share this Scholarship Application with relevant people or organizations. We hope this Scholarship Program can enable you to join us and contribute to our community!

Support our Scholarship Program

If you would like to make an individual donation, you can add-on a donation when you buy a ticket or make a direct donation.

If your company would like to support our Scholarship Program, please contact us!

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