CascadiaJS is the Pacific Northwest’s JavaScript conference

CascadiaJS 2019 family photo

At a glance

  • Our 10 year anniversary event
  • In-person conference being held at Sunriver Resort outside of Bend, OR.
  • August 30 - Sept 2, 2022
  • 300+ in-person attendees / 500+ virtual attendees / 5000+ livestream viewers
  • 18 talks from experts in the JavaScript and web community
  • Pre-conference reception, evening events on both days and a farewell brunch

Where is Sunriver Resort?

Sunriver Resort overhead

Sunriver Resort is located just outside of Bend, OR. Located on the east side of the Cascade Mountains, it is bright and sunny well into September. It is driving distance from Portland, OR and an airport (RMA) is located 40 minutes away from the Resort.

This year’s event is designed to be a Destination Event, and we expect the quality of our speakers and our attendees to reflect that. This will be a “must attend” conference for many of the best web developers in the area.

Why Sponsor?

CascadiaJS has been a pillar of the JavaScript and web communities in the Pacific Northwest for over 10 years. Past sponsors include Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, Salesforce, Twilio and dozens of other companies who have supported our community and our events over the years. Our event and sponsorships are designed to support 3 main business goals:


Get in front of the hundreds of JavaScript and web developers, and spread the word about your current openings. We attract all kinds of developers, from junior devs all the way up to Engineering leaders at some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Developer Marketing

Get the word out about your product or service to folks who are motivated to learn and pick-up tools that can help them solve their company’s biggest problems. This is a fantastic audience for companies that ship developers tools, devops tools, service APIs, and application hosting platforms.


The Pacific Northwest JavaScript community is strong, but we need the continuous support of companies in our industry to make CascadiaJS accessible to as many people, and as many different kinds of people, as possible.

Who Attends?

CascadiaJS attracts a diverse group of people from across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. There is a healthy mix of folks in different stages of their career and our Scholarship Program helps us make sure that our conference better reflects the kind of people we want to see in our industry.

Gender Identity

Non-binary / Trans / Other4%
Did not respond23%


Asian or Pacific Islander15%
Black or African-American2%
Hispanic or Latino9%
Did not respond16%

Years Coding

1 - 215%
2 - 330%
3 - 59%


Sponsorships are broken down into tiers. No matter what your budget is, we have a sponsorship option for you! If you see some options that you’d like to mix and match, don’t hesitate to let us know. Below is a list of some of the benefits for each of the 5 tiers of sponsorship:

Included Passes1
($800 value)
($1600 value)
($3200 value)
($6400 value)
($9600 value)
50% Discount on additional passes
25% Discount on additional passes
Invited On Stage
Open/Close thanks
Copy in email to all attendees
Dedicated Discord channel
Video clip during show
Dedicated tweet
Grouped tweet
Job Fair Booth
Logo on website
Dedicated website page

Platinum Sponsorships ($25k)


Homestead conference venue

Your company is making it possible for the event to be at Sunriver Resort this year. In addition to the benefits listed above, Platinum sponsors will receive:

  • A premium Expo Hall booth
  • An invitation to the stage to address our audience
  • An opportunity to place a banner on stage

Gold Sponsorships ($15k)

Choose from one of two options: Booth or Workshop.

Expo Hall Booth SOLD OUT

The Expo Hall will be located directly outside of the room where talks are taking place. The hours for the Expo Hall will run from 8am - 5pm. The schedule of events will include numerous breaks and opportunities to engage with attendees.

Each Booth will come equipped with a 6 ft table and power. You are free to set-up a banner and will have plenty of room for swag and product demos.

Workshop Track SOLD OUT

Each day of the conference (8/31 & 9/1) will feature 2 sponsored workshops, one in the morning and one after lunch. It’s an excellent opportunity to give attendees something fun to learn if they’re not interested in the talks taking place at that time.

We will work with you to design a workshop that our community would be excited to sign-up for and handle the promotion and registration process. The workshop will be free for attendees to participate in.

Silver Sponsorships ($10k)

Welcome Reception (Aug 30) SOLD OUT

The Welcome Reception takes place the day before the conference, as folks are arriving and checking-in to Sunriver. It will take place outside on the Mt. Bachelor lawn and will feature drinks and light appetizers.

Breakfast (Aug 31 + Sept 1) SOLD OUT

Sunriver Great Hall

Each morning (Aug 31 + Sept 1), breakfast will be served in the Great Hall, which is on the way to the conference center where talks will take place. You will have an opportunity to set-up banners and place items on tables. This covers breakfast on both days.

Lunch (Aug 31 + Sept 1) SOLD OUT

After the morning talks (Aug 31 + Sept 1), lunch will be served immediately outside the conference center on the Bessom Commons. You will have an opportunity to set-up banners and place items on tables. This covers lunch on both days.

Dinner (Aug 31 + Sept 1) SOLD OUT

Sunriver Mt. Bachelor lawn

Help us create an amazing end to each day by catering a delicious meal and setting-up a bar. We will work with you to include your brand in fun and surprising ways. You can be involved as much or as little as you like!

Bronze Sponsorships ($5k)

Activity Track (Aug 31) SOLD OUT

On the first day of the conference (8/31), we are cutting talks short to get outside for an Activity Track where attendees will get to choose from a basket of activities (scavenger hunt, yoga, nature walks, etc).

Companies sponsoring an activity will get to select their activity of choice on a first-come first-served basis. They will have an opportunity to address all of the attendees who are participating in the activity, provide some swag and send them an email following the activity.

Startup Fair (Sept 1) SOLD OUT

Moovweb at CascadiaJS 2019

After dinner on Sept 1, we are putting on our first ever Startup Fair! We have opened applications for startups who are building the next generation of developer tools to apply. We will invite the top-5 startups to set-up a booth during the Startup Fair and showcase their products to our community, free of charge.

You can support this event (and these startups) by being a sponsor for this event. We will connect you to these early stage startups and acknowledge your support during the event. It will be a great opportunity to connect to some high-potential founders and a larger group of developers, some of whom may become founders.

Virtual Booth SOLD OUT

CascadiaJS 2021 livestream

We will be live streaming our talks with a target of 500 attendees in our virtual space and 5000 viewers on the stream across YouTube, Twitch and Twitter.

As a Virtual Booth sponsor, you will receive:

  • A Virtual Booth in our Virtual Event space (powered by Gather)
  • 2 slots (1 on each day) for a 2 minute video to be played as we exit/enter talks.
  • The ability to include an offer (free sign-up, giveaway, etc) in an email we sent to all virtual attendees.

Child Care SOLD OUT

Help us make CascadiaJS friendly to families! We will work with a local Bend-area child care company to provide a safe and fun environment for children while their parents are enjoying the Conference or the Significant Others Track.

Captions SOLD OUT

CascadiaJS 2019 closed captioning

Help us make CascadiaJS accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing! We work with White Coat Captioning to provide a human-powered captioning experience for both attendees in the audience and those watching online.

Graphic Recordings SOLD OUT

For the last few years, we have worked with an amazing artist to create on-the-fly illustrations of the talks that our speakers give. These “explainers” help simplify complex ideas and are an amazing and much appreciated artifact for our speakers and our community. Sponsoring these gets your logo included on each of the 18 illustrations, which also function as the social sharing images for all of our talks once the videos are published online:


Karaoke Party 🎤 (Sept 1) SOLD OUT

We close our EVERY CascadiaJS conference with a karaoke night! We have hired one of the best karaoke DJ's in the Pacific NW to help us close the conference out right.

Your company will receive full recognition for making this karaoke night possible.

Farewell Brunch (Sept 2) SOLD OUT

CascadiaJS 2016 lunch

On the morning of Sept 2, we will host a farewell brunch. You will have an opportunity to set-up banners and place items on tables. This will be the last event that takes place before people leave the conference.

Community Sponsorships ($2500)

Airport Shuttle (Aug 30 + Sept 2) SOLD OUT

Help us offer our attendees a FREE airport shuttle that will run from the RDM airport to Sunriver Resort. Your company will be recognized for making this happen in communications to ALL our attendees, and this shuttle will make a big difference in terms of both cost and our event's environmental impact (fewer rented cars).

Job Posting SOLD OUT

CascadiaJS 2021 job posting

Include a link to your job postings on the conference website, with your logo, 200 word company blurb, and 100 word job description per job.

Prior to the conference, we will be email to all attendees (in-person and virtual) about your Job Posting.


Finally, please consider helping us fund our Scholarship Program. Over the years, companies like yours have helped us fund over 100 scholarships to CascadiaJS.

How to Sponsor CascadiaJS 2022

CascadiaJS 2019 scholarships

  1. Book a time to chat with us about your goals.
  2. Once we've found the right sponsorship, we will send over an invoice with detailed information and pricing.
  3. As soon as the invoice is paid, we will get you onboarded and get your team set-up with tickets and lodging information.

Help Sponsor Local Meetups!

Like CascadiaJS, local meetup communities need the support of sponsors to pay for things like venue space, food/drink, live streaming equipment and more. Here is a list of local meetups in the Pacific Northwest that are currently operating virtual or in-person meetups and could use your support:


SeattleJS logo

SeattleJS is the largest JavaScript meet up in Seattle. We hold our meet ups on the second Wednesday of every month. SeattleJS exisits to inform, inspire, and encourage members of the JavaScript community. Our goal is for you to leave inspired and ready to innovate.

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