Learn Babylon.js to Create Your Own 3D Metaverse Environments

Photo of Dan Zeitman of Dolby.io
WhenAug 31, 1:30pm
WhereSunriver Resort
InstructorDan Zeitman
CostFREE for attendees of CascadiaJS

Users expect immersive experiences that can not only be entertaining but create engagement and retention.

This workshop will explore some of the theory around user perception while learning the Babylon.js library for creating 3D environments in a web browser.

Additional hands-on sections explore extending this environment to include live streaming media and communications between participants in that metaverse environment. For real-time interactivity with sub-second latency we'll cover some of the same techniques with WebRTCC being used by major companies for broadcast quality workflows.


Intermediate JavaScript


  1. Setup - dependencies, accounts
  2. Demo of the Metaverse
  3. Hello World with Babylon.js
  4. 3D Assets and Concepts
  5. Live Streaming
  6. Real-time Communications
  7. Spatial and Perception

About Dan Zeitman

Dan Zeitman is a Developer Advocate on the Dolby.io Developer Relations team for Dolby.io, a cloud-based API platform for live streaming video, media processing, and real-time communications. He will be joined by Jayson DeLancey and Griffin Solot-Kehl to bring a combined range of expertise with web technologies, filmmaking, media management, AR/VR and computer animation.

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