Sending Multi-channel Alerts From Your Node.JS Environment with Courier

Photo of Shreya Gupta of Courier
WhenAug 31, 10:30am
WhereSunriver Resort
InstructorShreya Gupta
CostFREE for attendees of CascadiaJS

When working on a new project, notifications can be a tough nut to crack. Sending email, push notifications to multiple geographies, global SMS, all present headaches that normally require low-level configuration and often a dedicated notifications micro-service.

With Courier you can send dynamically routed notifications to anywhere in the globe using a nicely abstracted template.

In this 2 hour workshop Nočnica and Shreya will get you from 0 to ‘Sending an SMS to Ghana’ in your Node.JS app.


Participants only need to be comfortable sending JSON API requests.


  • Send your first notification
  • Exploring the datalog
  • Setup your node.js and start sending notifications
  • (Optional) Automate your messages

About Shreya Gupta

Shreya Gupta is a Developer Advocate for Courier and the Founder of Bit Project. She is a serverless enthusiast, lowkey loves acting, and is crazy about boba.

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