Full-Stack Next.js Monorepo for Production Ready React+TypeScript Apps

Photo of Joel
  • When: Friday, Sept 2 (9am - 4pm)
  • Where: Sunriver Resort
  • Instructor: Joel Hooks

Next.js is a practical and performant choice for building web applications with React and TypeScript. Take it a step further and include Turborepo for code reuse and excellent multi-player team capabilities with minimal technical overhead.

You will build out the shell for a content driven-application that includes authentication, a CMS, and Stripe integration for e-commerce. Along the way you’ll test the most important aspects and create packages that can be published to NPM and used across more applications in your mono-repo using the same patterns.

Finally, we will deploy the application to Vercel and explore CI/CD through Github Actions.


This is an intermediate to advanced workshop. We will assume working familiarity with React, TypeScript, git, and npm. Some experience with Next.js will be a big help.


We will start with setup and introduction that will outline the day. From there we will incrementally build our application, discussing decisions, tradeoffs, and alternatives along the way. There will be plenty of hands-on time to work and explore the tools.

  • 09:00a - doors open
  • 12:30p - lunch
  • 01:30p - afternoon session begins
  • 04:00p - workshop ends

About Joel Hooks

Joel is a software developer from the Pacific Northwest and built egghead.io. Joel is also the lead developer and executive producer of many high-quality courses for web developers such as Epic React, Testing JavaScript, Just JavaScript, and Testing Accessibility. Over the last two years Joel has led the effort to migrate egghead.io to Next.js and create a monorepo that is home to more than half a dozen Next.js apps that share a common core library and it’s AWESOME. After almost three decades of building UIs, Joel thinks now is the BEST time to be alive as a developer and is excited to share his experience with you.

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