Demystifying Data Structures

Photo of Brook
  • When: Friday, Sept 2 (9am - 4pm)
  • Where: Sunriver Resort
  • Instructor: Brook Riggio

🫣Intimidated by data structures and algorithms? 🙀Fearing the traditional whiteboard interview? Has your educational journey not yet presented you with a proper introduction 🧑‍🏫to the classic data structures of computer science and Big-O notation?

Let's take some time to tackle these topics and level up 📈your CS skillset! This workshop will be a gentle introduction suitable for devs of all backgrounds. 🧑‍🍳

We will start with very basic JS objects like { value: 42 }, and build progressively to create (from scratch!) Linked 🔗Lists, Stacks 📚and Queues ♻️, Binary Trees 🌴 and k-ary Trees, and even Hash Tables 🧩.

So whether you are in a job hunt or just hunting for ways to be better at your job, join us for a workshop full of FUNdamental concepts that unlock new developer capabilities. You'll leave with your own repo of data structures you'll understand, because you'll have coded them yourself.

Required: Basic JS coding skills:

  • Flow control with loops and conditionals.
  • Familiarity with JS data types like strings, booleans, arrays, objects.
  • Creating objects with properties and methods.

Not required:

  • No CS degree required
  • No degree of any kind required
  • No previous data structures knowledge requried


  • 09:00a - doors open
  • 09:30a - morning session begins
  • 12:30p - lunch
  • 01:30p - afternoon session begins
  • 04:00p - workshop ends

About Brook Riggio

Brook Riggio is a co-founding instructor of Code Fellows, the PNW's premier developer training academy. Previously, he built a software consulting firm as tech lead, and now seeks to make pathways into great tech careers ever more accessible to the beautiful breadth of humanity. Loves to play at the intersection of technology, education, and inclusion.

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