Convincing Your Manager

Here are some tips that we hope help you explain the value to your company of attending CascadiaJS this year:

  • Your company likely has a continuing education budget that will pay for or reimburse your ticket & travel expenses. If they do not, the benefits of attendance below may help to convince them to send you.
  • Prepare to learn a lot at this conference, and take what you learn back to your work.
  • Following the event, write a blog post (for sharing internally or even externally) about what you learned from the talks, workshops, and the hallway track conversations.

Manager Letter Template


I'm requesting your permission to attend this year's CascadiaJS conference. CascadiaJS is the premier JavaScript conference in the Pacific Northwest and has been running since 2012. This year it's being held in Bend, OR from August 30 - September 2.

This conference is focused directly on the technologies we use every day: JavaScript, web technologies, serverless architecture, and more. The speakers are leaders in the field who are pushing the boundaries of the next evolution of web development. They represent companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Datadog, Elastic, Plaid, Begin and many more. 

The estimated cost of participation, including conference admission and accommodation, is $2000.

This event will not only provide our company with lessons and practices for improving our tech stack, but it will also be a big boost of morale for me. 

So, I'd like to attend and if this sounds like something you think our whole team could be into, they do group discounts for 5 or more people! Thanks for listening and I look forward to your reply!


{ YOU }

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